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Tenk Family Law (formerly Tenk Tatum LLP) is an Oakville-based boutique firm practising exclusively in family law. Serving the Halton, Peel and the Greater Toronto Regions, Tenk Family Law recognizes that clients often seek advice during periods of great change: moving in with a partner, getting married, having children, moving, separating from their spouse, divorce, blending families, remarriage and more. Whether they are at the beginning of a relationship, or nearing the end, Tenk Family Law is committed to providing clients with the support and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for their families and futures.

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Meet Andrea Tenk

Andrea is a personable, creative lawyer experienced in the negotiation, litigation and resolution of all aspects of family law matters. Sensitive to the life-long, ongoing relationships of her clients with their families and the financial realities of families and individuals, Tenk Family Law applies a client-centered approach to achieve timely, individualized, sensible and practical results at reasonable cost which allow her clients to keep their relationships, finances and reputation intact.