How is Pension Split in Divorce?

Written By Tenk Family Law on June 22, 2020

When going through separation and divorce you need to consider your future financial circumstances, including retirement, no matter how old you are or what stage of life you are at.  Pensions and retirement savings are something to consider very carefully, even if retirement seems a long way off.  Whether you are the holder of a […]

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What Happens with Pets in Separation and Divorce Proceedings?

Written By Tenk Family Law on April 27, 2020

Pet owners may be surprised by how disputes about pets are resolved by the courts in separation or divorce proceedings.  Pets are much loved by all of us and often considered and treated as members of the family.  Though many consider pets as their child(ren), the court will not hold a “custody” hearing for a pet.  Unlike children, for whom the court is obligated to make a decision on parenting arrangements solely in their best […]

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Reduced Court Operations Due to COVID-19 – What Does That Mean For You?

Written By Tenk Family Law on April 14, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, courts in Ontario are operating at a largely reduced capacity.  Until further notice, only urgent matters are being heard.  Non-urgent matters, even those that had already been scheduled, have been adjourned to future dates, many of which are yet to be determined.    In the last couple of weeks there has been a rapid release of case […]

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What You Should Know About the Mandatory Information Program (MIP)

Written By Tenk Family Law on January 9, 2020

Going through a separation or divorce is usually an emotionally draining process for you and your family. Many people seek help though the court process, often unaware there are other ways to resolve issues. The Mandatory Information Program (MIP) is a service at every court that offers information for parties involved in family law litigation.  In most cases, litigants must complete the MIP before they are permitted to take further steps in the court proceedings.  […]

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Separation and divorce do not have to lead to long and bitter litigation

Written By Tenk Family Law on October 22, 2019

Few legal proceedings strike a more personal chord than separation, divorce, and their corollary issues. When partners separate, significant issues such as custody of and access to children, financial support and property division can be very stressful to deal with. When going through a separation or other family law dispute, many people don’t know where […]

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Travelling with children? Consider a travel consent letter

Written By Tenk Family Law on September 23, 2019

If your upcoming international vacation or other travel plans include travelling with a child or children, consider whether you will need to obtain a travel consent letter prior to your departure. A travel consent letter shows that you have the permission of the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) to travel with them. When should you get […]

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