Child Support & Custody in Oakville

Issues surrounding custody, access, decision-making and parenting of children are often the most important to our clients. They are some of the most personal and contested issues in family law cases and, as a result, they are often where the most legal fees are spent. At Tenk Family Law, we recognize that these issues are critically important to you, and our focus is on helping you achieve your desired outcome relating to the parenting of your children.

With a sensible approach to family law, Tenk Family Law will help you achieve the best resolution possible for your child-related legal issues and will work diligently to provide services in a manner that is both cost-effective and helps to preserve family relationships. To book a private initial consultation, please contact Tenk Family Law today.

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Child custody and support lawyer in oakville

Custody, access and decision-making authority

As an experienced family law firm, Tenk Family Law will work with you to determine the best approach to your case, keeping in mind your goals of ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your children in the most cost-efficient manner possible in your circumstances.

Canadian law requires courts to consider the best interests of the children when making decisions that affect them. Tenk Family Law can help you achieve a settlement or court Order that considers and reflects the best interests of your children.

solving children issues with custody lawyer in oakville

Child support

Each parent has an obligation to provide financial support for his or her child(ren) in accordance with his or her financial means.

Child support is an issue that can often seem very simple, but can quickly become confusing when dealing with financial disclosure requirements, determining income for self-employed and high-income parents, and dealing with any special needs of the child(ren).

If you are separated or divorced with children, child support is a right and obligation that needs to be addressed. Whether you are owed child support or owing child support, Tenk Family Law will help you with the required financial disclosure, determine the income of both parties, and help you calculate the proper amount of child support under the Child Support Guidelines.

Tenk Family Law can also assist you with the variation and enforcement of existing support Orders and agreements.

Child custody and support lawyer in oakville

Special and Extraordinary Expenses

Unlike child support, there are no guidelines for determining how much parents must pay for expenses that go above and beyond child support. Special and extraordinary expenses (sometimes referred to as “section 7 expenses”) may be payable in addition to child support. What qualifies as a proper section 7 expense and how much each parent must contribute depends on a number of factors.

Tenk Family Law will help you collect all the financial information you need to resolve your child support matter and advise you according to your unique circumstances.

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Child Mobility and Relocation Family Law Services

Typically, issues with mobility and relocation arise when one parent wishes to move to another city, province or country with their child(ren). This move often impacts the relationship between the child and the other parent and may require a change in the parental arrangements.

Tenk Family Law understands that a proposed relocation with a child(ren) can be one of the most stressful and important issues a parent will face, whether you are the parent seeking to move or the parent who has been advised of an intended move. Tenk Family Law can help you navigate these issues.