Spousal Support in Oakville

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Am I Entitled to Spousal Support?
Will I Have to Pay Spousal Support?

Unlike with child support, there is no legislated table that tells you the appropriate spousal support amount and duration. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines give information about topics such as where in “the range” support should fall, among many other topics, but will not tell you how much support should be paid. The amount and duration of spousal support payable in each case depends on a variety of criteria, is based on complex formulas and depends on the specific facts of each case.

Tenk Family Law approaches all spousal support cases with the best interests of our clients as the focus.

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What Are High-Income Considerations?

For spousal support, high-income earners can generally be classified as those individuals whose income is $350,000 or higher. While spousal support is designed to relieve economic hardship, it may be harder to determine what constitutes a hardship in cases involving individuals with higher income.

While the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAGs) are used as a reference, Ontario courts have dealt with these high-income earners in various ways. For information and advice pertaining to your circumstances, contact Tenk Family Law today.